What is Oxidative Stress?

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With the rise of disease related deaths today like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure , Kidney failure and many others, more and more people became mindful on watching their health and diets. After a church leader was diagnosed with the big “C”, our church became radical in spreading health consciousness among its members. As a family, we became watchful on what we eat. We refrained from eating cured and fatty foods .

In my quest for healthy living, I was able to learn that Oxidative Stress is one of the common cause of diseases nowadays? What is Oxidative Stress (OS)? It is a general term used to describe the steady state level of oxidative damage in a cell, tissue, or organ, caused by the reactive oxygen species (ROS). It is a state wherein our body’s antioxidant to combat free radical are defeated. Oxidative stress is also caused by inflammation, exposure to cigarette smoke, pollution, UV light, radiation, certain drugs and other conditions. Oxidative stress also increases as we age.

The goodnews is that there is a company that engaged in the research, development and sale of products that counteract the harmful effects of oxidative stress – OXIS International Inc. Their products include therapeutic nutraceutical products, cosmeceutical products and proprietary formulations and clinical products that are developed internally and/or out-licensed to biotech and pharmaceutical companies as drug candidates.

They focus on naturally occurring protective substances since they are more likely to be both safe and efficacious. Their primary products incorporate and emphasize the multifaceted “super antioxidant” compound, L-¬Ergothioneine (“ERGO”), as a key component. |What more? They own several patents and pending applications related to ERGO that cover current and planned products relevant to their nutraceutical and cosmecuetical businesses.

Visit their site to know more about Oxidative Stress and its harmful effects. Also you can check Oxis on facebook .

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