On Keratoplasty

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I can not help it! As much as I wanted to rest my eyes today… I can not do so since I got of computer works to do for the debut I will be coordinating this Friday. Ahhh… I tried doing my works without my computer eyeglasses but my eyes are getting blurry again.

Have you heard of a procedure called NearVision Conductive Keratoplasty (NearVision CK)? They say it can reduce the need for reading eyeglasses for months at a time. Wow! This is what I really need this time. Got to go to Stahl Eye Center website to see more of it.

P15 All Domestic and P 1500 all Internatiional Fare

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Lately, I was stressed browsing online for Cebu pacific promo celebrating the inauguration of the 15th President of the Philippines. I went from one desination to the other …from dates to dates to book for the P15 Domestic Fare but to my dismay remaining slots were good for 1 to 2 person. My desired dates between October 25 – November 8 ( Semestrial Break) were already booked.

How could I missed this once in a blue moon promo? It’s the Cagayan Electric Power to be blamed! We had an unscheduled brown-out last night! Maybe it’s time to push trough our land trip get-away to Davao City this sem-break.

But hey! if you are traveling alone? You can still get a slot. Hurry… promo ends tomorrow. Click CEBU PACIFIC or AIRPHILIPPINES.