Thankful Thursday

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School Time is here and I can not help but THANK GOD for all the favor and blessings HE showered us. We were able to save a considerable amount of money due to my son’s Academic Scholarship. The books above are worth P 6,500.00 but were all given for FREE. This week the complete set of Uniforms will be given too!

Aside from the scholarship, God provided financial blessing through my sister-in-law who is in California, USA. Every School Opening she wouldn’t fail to send us money for the kids school supplies, bags and shoes! Thank you Genelie for your gracious heart.

For the school allowances? My mother-in-law has a housing unit here in our subdivision. She pledged the rental proceeds for the kids daily allowances. Wow! God truly uses people to meet all our needs. Indeed the LORD is our SHEPHERD,we will lack nothing!

What’s your favorite Color?

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Talking about favorite colors… White is my favorite. It’s a dainty and cool color. Most of my apparels are white like blouses,T-shirts, sandals ,and bags . When my mother died one year ago, I mourned over her death by wearing white on the burial day until the 45th day of her death. Yah! If there’s a challenge to wear white in 365 days, I will gladly join.
I love white for my gadgets, I have two white cellular phones before and an MP4 player . Last month when hubby and I decided to buy TV, I desired for white lcd tv like the one below but unfortunately it’s not available yet in our city . Oh.. I just love white! Don’t get me wrong… I am not a racist… I just love white color.How about you? What’s your favorite color?