Eye Care Simple Tips

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In today’s world of technology, most jobs requires the use of computer. From the office clerks, cashiers, hotel desk attendants, call centers agents to bank tellers . If you are one of those people who are required to sit in front of your PC computer all day … then it is high time to take extra measures to protect your eye sight from further damaged.
Eye doctors suggest that you should take breaks all through out the day. It’s not only good for your eye sight but also for your mind and body. Look at something green to refresh your eyes! In the absence of greenery in the surroundings just close your eyes for a few minutes to allow them to rest, and look away from something you are working on. For soothing relief you can use eye drops but please use the one that is recommended for daily use. Work in a place with an appropriate lighting. This oftentimes overlooked since many of us love to work with dimmed lights. Drinking water also is good to reduce puffiness in our eyes. Lastly, if you are already wearing eyeglasses, use lens that is appropriate for computer works.

What are your eye care tips? Care to share it with us?