Your Window of the World !

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Your eyes is the window to the world. If you will not take care of it, you will surely regret it. That’s exactly what happened to a friend. Having no qualms in eating, he was diagnosed with diabetes and that took toll to his eyesight. It got blurry affected by the high amount of sugar in his blood.
Talking about aye care reminds me if USAEyes, the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance, a nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy organization. For over a decade USAEyes has helped patients learn important issues about Lasik and similar vision correction surgery.

If only USAEyes is available here in our country, I would surely recemmend it for my friend. So guys… take care of your eyesight and enjoy more of the world.

Our Vacation : Cavite and Tagaytay

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Spending our vacation day at my sister-in-law’s place in Cavite was one exciting and my not forgettable get away with my family. We were so blessed to visit them as it was our first time to see the beauty of Cavite and the kid’s first summer rendezvous outside our place. It was also their second time to ride a plane so that the feeling of excitement was still there. We visited many places and the kids just loved every minute of it with their cousins.

We were so excited to take every opportunity taking pictures on every place and establisments we find interesting. That included the famous Manila Casino in Tagaytay City. All of us were taken abacked by the strange scenery inside the hall. The people, the smell, the machines, and everything there inside was just amazing.