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Remember your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Promises are meant to be broken..Lol! Anyway it’s not yet too late to fulfill those new year’s resolution. We are yet in the middle of the year. There is still time to redeem those lose weight new years resolution written on notebooks and calendars.
Me? I have started mine just this week. I can really feel now the bulging of my tummy and I am getting tired every afternoon. My hubby suggested that I’ll go back with my In-house exercise through DVD’s. With my hubby’s encouragement I was able to do a   DVD Exercise. Whew! Exercise can really unstressed us. I can feel a lighter me after every exercise. It’s a good motivation to watch your diet too!

Heard of Insanity DVD Work-out?It is a total-body conditioning home fitness program by Shaun T and Beachbody that will literally transform your body from regular to absolutely ripped in only 60 days. You don’t need any expensive home gym equipment. Just pop in one of the Insanity DVD videos and press play. My hubby is into it and he’s doing well with his chin-up bar and those dumbbells. So I am wishing for an Insanity DVD Work-out for me. I Hope it will be available soon from our local store .

How about you? Revive those New Year’s lose weight resolutions!

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