Learn the art of Expressing your Feelings!

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It’s the world that says that men, being masculine, are rational and women, being feminine, are emotional. Although it is true in some points but we should not make this an excuse to justify our weaknesses.This paradigm will make men incapable of rejoicing in the Lord or grieving about sin because they can not be emotional. On the other hand, because women are irrational, this will make us incapable of renewing our minds and meditate on the scripture. According to the Bible, men and women are created in the image of God – thus both are emotional and rational.

Men are not emotional that is why they have a hard time expressing their feelings toward women. I hear this oftentimes from my friends but they are definitely wrong! It’s either they are afraid to show their feelings or they just do not love the person that emotion can’t freely flow. Their are lot of ways to Sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Learn the art of it! Remember, women love to hear compliments from their partners!

Oh, I love my hubby for it. He still slips love notes inside my bible’s pages,post some at my dresser and never fails to send text messages everyday. Sometimes, he can be funny, weird and silly…. Just like the photos above!

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