Rainy Days are here !

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Oh well, summer is finally over! (For most of the asian countries…) Gone are the out of town trips, the summer camps, retreats and other summer fun activities. Time flies so swiftly.Was it only yesterday we attended those graduation ceremonies of our friends and love ones? Now it’s school time once again. To be honest, my kids are not ready yet for school days. My girl is savouring the remaining days with her swimming lesson while my teen-ager is making most of his time going out with his cousins.

I should say, summer is finally here since the rain has started to pour down heavily almost everyday for a week now. The picture below was taken yesterday. We were supposed to have our date day at the city’s night market but the rain started to pour heavily.We have no choice but go home .

We are getting ready for the rainy months ahead. Today after the Sunday Service,I bought umbrellas and raincoats for my kids . Hubby check our car’s window visor so that it will not hamper our daily travels. I guess it’s time to check our roof and gutters too for possible leaking.

How about you? Are you prepared for the rany season?

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