Stranded No More!

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Traveling from our place to a friend in Maramag takes about 3-4hrs. It’s quite a long drive considering that their place is located on a mountainous area passing by two cities and many rice fields. We were ready and packed for that anticipated visit to attend a Church’s anniversary when 2hrs from our trip, the front ball bearing gave way and broke. Our car swerved on the opposite side of the road nearly hitting a post. Luckily, there were no buses or any other motorists going on our way! Wheew! That was surely a narrow escape.We waited for two hours before our car was brought to the nearest auto shop, which was an hour travel from where we had an accident. A friendly stranger stopped by and offered to tow our car without even asking for any pay. His truck was equipped with a receiver hitch that made it easy for him to pull our car. We really appreciate what he did for us and thanked him heartily. I have seen one of these front receiver hitch mount from Real truck  which is an important accessory you can add to your pick-up or truck. Planning to buy a Pick-up to replace our ride, I surely want to buy a receiver hitch  so I can also be of help whenever somebody needs it.

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