Treasures to Cherish

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I greatly thank God that my two kids inherited the gift of arts from my hubby . They love to draw and paint also. Two years ago, we enrolled them on arts summer class and I would say that they have improved a lot with their tones and selection of colors. My mother-in-law who is a prolific painter itself ( see it runs in the blood!) encourages them to follow her steps.

Me? I do not have the talent in painting . Although we have drawings during my Engineering college days but it was only for structural sake. Geometric drawings are easy to sketch. But I love looking at different images of arts. I have been to a Fine Art Gallery which really fascinated me. I can not helped but wondered how an ordinary people can make an extra-ordinary pieces of arts.
Back to my hubby, he has done lots of painting already. The one above is a mural he painted at the wall of our living area. It looks so difficult but h
e did it a matter of one day.Most of his gifts were his work of arts, like like year a Disney Character Painting on my birthday and a charcoal painting for mother’s day. They are truly treasures to cherish.

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