Unwinding at Boracay

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Finally, I am finished booking our Boracay get-away next month. I was a little bit confused since the rate from the website of the hotel is so much higher than the rate I got from a traveling agency online. Also, it took me 30 minutes to decide which hotel to book since their are lots of resorts in Boracay. I choose the one fronting the beach with complete amenities such as swimming pool, bar, restaurant, internet connection ( that’s a priority for a blogger like me) and spa.

Yah… Spa! Hubby and I purposely choose Boracay over an Asian tour package since we want a get-away that will unwind ourselves Physically and Mentally. So I really checked the hotel’s amenities to maximize our stay.

Talking about Body Spa , some people viewed it as luxury reserved for the few and privileged. Actually it’s a health care activity and has a potential to relive you from a host of health related ailments. My brother who is medical doctor even recommends a massager equipment as a regular massage regime for preventive maintenance and for health purposes. A back massager is a must in the home for nursing an injury or even for treatment for low back pain. He added that many conditions are successfully treated or relieved with massage therapy.

Ahhh…. talking about these things excites me more with our trip. I can not wait to experienced the para-sailing, under water fish feeding and other fun activities in Boracay. I greatly thank God for this opportunity.

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  1. Hi ate grace.. yah, nice au ang boracay te tapos enjoy ang para sailing pod.. tig dive pod d i ka te?, nakatry pod ko feeding fishes underwater, nice au.. that was in cebu!, hala enjoy..!!amping..

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