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Posted on, aahhh…that’s a sweet sound for my hubby. He seemed to be mesmerized with it and would spend his time fixed on the site browsing for just everything he likes. The buy sell virus might have affected him that he seemed to have that interest in looking for properties and items we could buy at a lesser price and sell it to our friends with guaranteed gain! LOL! From gadgets, cell phones to mountain bikes, cars, cars’ accessories, to house for sale…for him, those are investment we could try and earn as well. The time he wants to upgrade his mountain bike not only for its accessories but also to find a second hand unit that’s worth the price, is a refuge for him.

One time, while browsing the site, my hubby stumbled upon a Laptop unit that was on sale. The owner lives just an hour from our location. My hubby told me about it and we contacted the advertiser. We really both like the specs of this one and we decided to give it a try by arranging for an appointment with the owner. We called him up and tried to convince him to visit our place so we could see the unit. Sadly, he refused our proposal and in short, not able to purchase that laptop. We don’t easily give up on anything, but of course, my hubby is still on the go when it comes to striking a luck in finding a house for sale, a gadget or anything we could buy or sell through Why not pay a visit on this site and see what I mean.