Our Summer Escapade

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Remembering our summer escapades with my sister-in-law and family in Cavite brought I and my hubby to decide and booked in advance airplane tickets next year for yet another summer vacation at their place. We really enjoyed it very much. It’s a breather for us and the kids from all the hustle and bustle of city life here in our place. Away from the traffic jam, the city noise to the serene, peaceful, fresh air of Cavite. Yes, that’s one thing we look forward excitedly next year.Again, the kids reminded the tourist spots we visited in those places. The People’s park and Taal Volcano in Tagaytay, The Enchanted Kingdom and the Casino Filipino in Cavite. Yes, that Casino experience is just unforgettable. That was our first time to look inside a Casino hall with all those people on the  tables. The kids and us were simple amazed seeing a Casino in reality. We just regret we were not able to take pictures since all our cellphone and cameras were held at the front desk.

Go Green Friday # 1

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This was during a friend’s wedding – the Motif is Green.


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The Gift of Art

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I really admire mommy Joy ( my mother-in-law) for the gift of Art . She’s so artistic when it comes to Home Improvement and decoration. Being inside her house seems like stepping into a home gallery store. On the first floor of her abode you can see her music room full of instruments – she has a piano, clavinova organ, banjo, flute, violin and guitar. She has also a corner of her artworks like paintings and hand-made crafts. On the second floor of her house, you could see her rustic decor like bronze platter made in Malaysia , old telephone and lamp shade.

Her house is situated in one of the famous subdivision in our city. It’s not as big as the neighboring house but it will surely stand out because of the mural painting she’s has done with her perimeter fence.

Now, she’s busy looking for wooden furniture for the second floor of her house . If only scenicfurniture.com is available here in our country, furnishing it would be a lot easier. I really thank God for the life of my.. she’s truly an inspiration to us all!

Thankful Thursday

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There are countless things to thank God for this week but I specifically thank God for using me to meet the financial needs of my sister-in-law. She needed financial assistance for her application to work abroad . Yesterday, I accompanied her to the bank to deposit the needed money for the placement fee. Thank God her working Visa for Cyprus is now on process and hopefully she will be there 3 weeks from now.

The amount is considerable but God blessed us enough to be a channel of blessing to others. It’s fulfilling to help someone in dire need. I have been praying for her family to be rescued from the bondage of poverty and I greatly thank God for this work.