Just Wondering

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We nearly got the guts to do it! LOL! No, it’s just a challenge thrown by my sister-in-law when we visited the Manila Casino in Tagaytay. That was an experience we won’t forget since that was also our first time to go inside a Casino hall. Seeing those tables filled with people playing pokers, hearing a lady shouting upon winning her bet, the big chandeliers and the music that filled the air simply amazed us all. But that was our first and our last to be inside that place. We just wanted to see what’s really inside a Casino and what were the people doing. I just wonder how looks like.

Hip Hop Bling-blings

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Have you read about my blog on Hip Hop bling blings? Have you been searching their site if there are men’s hip hop jewelries that you like? And how about those gorgeous women’s jewelries the ladies simply adore? Or the Gucci watches adorned with glittering diamonds? Aaaahhhh! You’re mesmerized right dude? Well, traxNYC.com doesn’t just stop there offering you those blings that will surely capture your imagination and will be the center of attraction and envy for others. They also offer many cartoon pendants for the Hip Hop market!

Yes! Cartoon pendants laided with diamonds that will show your strong style and personality. Hoping to be above the ordinary isn’t just a dream. Wearing one of these Cartoon pendants is not only Stylish but a fashion statement as well. You’ll exude with extravagance and luxury as you own one. Think about it, wearing a diamond encrusted pendant with a Bart Simpson figure is just astounding! You could be the center of attraction in a party or a simple gathering. How I wish I could have one and see my friends look with envy.LOL! Well, you could see all these if you hop in and visit traxNYC.com and choose the right pendant for you

My Hubby’s visit to Hongkong

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I know that Casinos are very popular in the U.S. and other countries who saw this as an opportunity to boost tourism and their economy. It is a popular game not only among the Americans but also the Europeans and Asians too. My hubby once visited HongKong and saw the glittering lights of big buildings for Casinos there. It is a serious game for the players and betters but also a serious business for the operators. Nowadays, online games are popular in the west and other developed countries.. they cater those who are willing to play the game in the comfort of their homes or offices. I believe that this will become popular too in other places.