What shall I do with the Sponsorship?

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I supposed to publish the final list of my Birthday Contest sponsors. Done the time consuming linking of each site to my post. I remembered Paula of BC Bloggers sending emails to other members inviting for sponsorship. When I opened my gmail and yahoo account today, I was amazed to see that aside from the 32 sites that sponsored my contest, I got another 25 today.

What shall I do now? This is my first time to hold a contest with sponsorship. I didn’t expect fellow bloggers are these enthusiastic when it comes to sponsorship. Maybe my $3 dollar per site was just too low and that my sponsors benefits were just too good to ignore.

Please help me.Shall I accept the 25? or shall I stick with the 32? Is this number acceptable? I do not want that my birthday contest sponsorship will look like a circus… Leave a comment please.