Rain and Snow!

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“Here comes the rain again…” a popular song in the eighties and a constant reminder as I’m writing this article with rain pouring down outside. We’ll I should admit that the rainy season here in our place affects our work at our farm. It would mean mud and lots of it! Our pick up truck would plow through it to pass the access road going to our farm lot. Wheew! And a lot of work when were stuck in the middle of the road! We planned it with my hubby to add pick up accessories to our ride for some good reasons.First for us to consider is to place a pickup truck rack  for those extra loads of materials needed in the farm and the extra cargo we need for our supplies. That is one practical thing we need to buy for our pickup. www.realtruck.com is one company that offers all these pickup accessories plus more. How about pickup snow plows ? LOL! Lucky we don’t have that one here. But we do really have snow, we would surely consider buying a pickup snow plow for its practical use. With these in mind and with the rain heavily falling, I’m reminded again of our plan to buy these pickup accessories for a worry free, more productive farm work.

Our Nissan Sentra

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Our reliable and trusted Nissan car is already 8 years old. My hubby had been going to the car repair shop many times for repair or replacements of the original parts which in time got busted or worn out. He just have that attitude of taking care of our car as much as possible so we wouldn’t be grounded or ran into trouble if ever we travel to our farm which is an hour long and located in a mountainous region in our place. We would not want to be stranded in a place with no immediate help to be found.

And of course, my hubby would always check the care every morning and before every trip to ensure a smooth and safe travel for all of us. He would check the tire pressure, brake fluid, engine oil, steering wheel fluid, the radiator coolant and anything that needs to be checked. Every two months, he also have the car change oiled, tuned up and replace the fuel filter, oil filter and the air intake which he believes affects the performance of our car. And yes it is true, reading from an auto magazine, cold air intake keep your ride humming with with efficiency, gives you that thump in speed and turns hot dirty into cool clean breeze for your engine. I guess my hubby is right on this every time he goes for our car maintenance.