Men and Cars!

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Men loves Cars! That is a given fact…. that some even love and takes care of their luxury car more that their wives. Yah! That’s true. I know a story of a couples which separated due to the husbands addiction to cars.
My hubby and Son are fascinated with cars too! Every time we are on vacation .. they spent hours roaming around the mall’s parking lot to look for luxury or vintage vehicles. Sometimes, they even compete each other finding the most expensive car parked on the area. When we went to Taguig and Global see, we were able to find Audi Dealership at the area. Guess what? They jumped off our ride and rushed to the display area. The agents were very accommodating that we let us go inside each model on display. One thing I regret was that we were not able to take picture because our camera’s battery was dead. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Even now that we are here in Boracay island for my birthday get-away, my son’s first question when we chatted yesterday was all about luxury cars. I told him, I wasn’t able to see one … but was able to see lots of luxury yacht and resots…Lol!