Do you have a registry cleaner?

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If not of our Internet Cafe business 4 years ago, me and my hubby wouldn’t be technically knowledgeable regarding Computer hardwares and softwares. We were forced to learn and study the basic… even the complicated things about compiuer since repair and consultation is expensive. Although the business was going well, we stopped and sell it to a friend because our time no longer allowed it. Our kids are growing and we need to prioritize their studies over spending until wee hours supervising the shop.We are very thankful that because of our internet cafe , we became ‘ tech persons”. Now that we have our own PC and laptops at home, we seldom engage the service of a technician every time there will be repair works. Thanks to the registry cleaner optimizer that we have at home. it scans all the information present in it. It also scans your current data and programs, and will alert you and will repair the problems arising automatically. The problems arising in the registry could be from the partly uninstalled programs or from the entries that have been corrupted. It is the corrupted entries, as well as the left over traces of the uninstalled programs, which can lead your computer to crash or at least slowdown your entire system.
How about you? Do you have a registry cleaner optimizer?

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