Doorless Cabinets?

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When we transferred to our newly renovated house, one thing we noticed are the “doorless” cabinets we have. My brother who seemed to be a Jack-of-all trade kind of a person, volunteered to make for us a cabinet in the Kitchen. We gave him the money to buy all the materials. After three days of work, he told us that the cabinet is now finished and is ready to be used. We gladly thank him for that noble act of doing a task for us free and help us save an amount of money to pay for an expert carpenter. Excited to see his work, we waited until the day we transferred to our new house. Much to our surprise, the cabinet he made was almost as high as the ceiling, with lots of compartments and without doors! LOL!
Oh well, we have thanked my brother and we would be ashamed to tell him that he should made it with cabinet doors. Therefore, my hubby and I decided to find an expert to do the job for us. I happened to visit one day on the net and saw the different cabinet doors designs they offer. Not only that, they offers you around 50 different unique styles of cabinet doors customized for your satisfaction. If only this is available here in our place, I would surely order one of those cabinet doors for our kitchen! How I really wished it’s available here in our place.

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