TT : Help came in 5 minutes!

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I never been so scared in my entire BLOGGING LIFE than 10 minutes ago when I found out that my posts and other widget can not be viewed. I was busy the whole day in my office that I was not able to open my site. It was only after my kids research works that I was able to blog. I was shocked to see that my site is empty. I read the messages from fellow blogger and they too were confused if it’s my site not working or their PC.
Praise God after 5 minutes of navigating with my dashboard I finally found the solution. I tried to open the HTML of my template and saved it. When I viewed my site… everything was restored! Thank God for the wisdom!

4 thoughts on “TT : Help came in 5 minutes!

  1. Good Grief. I would have freaked…..

    I would say that is a giant Hallelujah girl.

    Happy TT and have a great weekend. Hugs, Lynn

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