The Importance of Business Cards

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Meeting with other people whom you think can be of great help with your work can often be made productive if you have your own personal business card. Yes, business cards can go a long, long, way from meeting people and not forgetting their names to building possible business partnership someday. This is what we gained from having friends and acquaintances and giving them a simple personal cheap business cards for future references.

When we ventured an Internet Cafe business, we included printing jobs and designing cards (business, birthdays or personal) so as to offer more services to our growing number of customers and meet their needs too. The business was simply good but decided to sell it and do other things for our family. Even if we have not engaged in the internet business for 15 years now, I still love to design personal business cards for me and my hubby who is a Church Pastor. He often gave it to his friends here and abroad and keep in touch with them too. That’s the power of that small piece of paper. It goes a long, long way and gain your friends. That’s the most important thing.

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