Itchy Rashes?

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Do you know nature’s biggest annoyance? You just don’t know it… it’s in your backyard! I am talking about poison ivy, the most common plant you can find everywhere. It grows just anywhere – in wooded or forest areas, in open fields, rocky areas and more on exposed areas. What’s dangerous about it is that it grows at lower altitudes with-in reach by just anybody.
I know one way or another, you have encountered this dreaded skin dermatitis. The itchy feeling is so unpleasant that you wish to get rid of it right away. Look at the poison ivy rash pictures below …. It’s awful?

Can you spread rashes from poison ivy to other people? Is exposure to the plant serious? What are the remedies? How do you cope with the itching? Visit for the answer of these common question and be guided accordingly.

Before you go out for camping, nature trekking, biking or any outdoor activities be aware first with the threat of the thornless green plant with clusters of three almond shaped leaves called poison Ivy. Check the site before it can ruin your summer get-away! Okey?

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