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Hi guys! My first Anniversary Contest 2 months ago was a successful one so I am planning to have another contest to mark my 43rd Birthday. Other’s will do everything to hide their age but for me I am very grateful to God for giving me 43 fruitful and blissful years of my life. To mark this day I am giving away the following :

Cash Price of $43 ( payment tru paypal)
EC Credits 4,300

Details :

1st Prize : $20 and and 2,000EC Credits

2nd Prize : $ 15 and 1,500EC Credits

3rd Prize : $ 8 and 800 EC Credits

Raffle will be done through with a video clip for authentication. Prices may increase depending on the sponsorship.

For Sponsors :

1. your link will be included in the Birthday Contest which will run for 43 days starting on my birthday July22
2. Your site ( if you have a badge the better) will be added on my three sites which are all PR 3 and other two new sites.

Julie of Inside and Out is still on the process of making the badge. Thank you so much for your support. God bless you !

8 thoughts on “Need Sponsorship for my Birthday Contest

  1. Hello Grace,

    Thanks for the visit.. of course Im willing to be one of the sponsors of your blog contest.

    You said its for $3 right? I will put my 3 or 4 blogs here so it will cost me $12?

    Just let me know when ok?

    Thanks so much.

  2. hello grace thanks for the sponsorship invite..i would love to sponsor $3 dollar pero using my other site – [ – The Three Chies] domain man gud ni and need linky love..if ok lang sa imoa

    I can give ec credits too, 2,000 ec credits each from my 4 blogs..

  3. sure how the carabao?LOL!i missed being here..been busy with school stuffs te..hehe..i can sponsor for my 3 blogs. 🙂

  4. sure, count me in. i will put both of my blogs, topics on earth and mom's ups and downs. just email me for any details.

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