Rain and Snow!

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“Here comes the rain again…” a popular song in the eighties and a constant reminder as I’m writing this article with rain pouring down outside. We’ll I should admit that the rainy season here in our place affects our work at our farm. It would mean mud and lots of it! Our pick up truck would plow through it to pass the access road going to our farm lot. Wheew! And a lot of work when were stuck in the middle of the road! We planned it with my hubby to add pick up accessories to our ride for some good reasons.First for us to consider is to place a pickup truck rack  for those extra loads of materials needed in the farm and the extra cargo we need for our supplies. That is one practical thing we need to buy for our pickup. www.realtruck.com is one company that offers all these pickup accessories plus more. How about pickup snow plows ? LOL! Lucky we don’t have that one here. But we do really have snow, we would surely consider buying a pickup snow plow for its practical use. With these in mind and with the rain heavily falling, I’m reminded again of our plan to buy these pickup accessories for a worry free, more productive farm work.

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