Watch out for my Birthday Contest!

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Thanks to Julie Ann for the Badge Design

I was overwhelmed with the turned-out of my sponsorship. Originally, I planned for a $43 and 4300 EC Credits to mark my 43rd birthday but as of today I was able to gather $50 .10,000 EC Credits and beauty products..A blogger friend told me why not make it $ 80 or $100? Hmmm… that depends on my sponsorship.

The contest mechanics and final list of sponsor will be posted on Friday. So guys, celebrate my birthday with me. Be my sponsor now!

19 thoughts on “Watch out for my Birthday Contest!

  1. hi grace! thanks for considering me as one of your sponsor..please count me in..I'll give what you have requested 🙂 Blessings to your contest!!

  2. Grace yung ec's ko na bura nung nag stop ako sa entrecard kaya balik ako from the very beginning… di bale sa sunod … hahaha…

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