We are finally here in Bora !

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Wow! Boracay really exceed what I have expected and imagined. I have seen so much of the Island from Magazines , TV shows and commercials but personally stepping to the Island truly is awesome. It is still our day 1 but my hubby and I experienced a lot of things we experienced for the first time . The braided hair and henna tattoo small stalls are all-over the long strip of the Island that you can not just resist having one. Walking the shore with a braided hair feels like an African! With my color? I looked like one of them hahahahahah!

Anyway, back to the beauty of the Island… you will surely be captivated. The hotels here are world class. Ours is one of the famous in Boracay island… Celebrities flocked here. They say we have this memory foam in our deluxe suite room uv air purifiers… Hmmmm , let us see if this will be effective for a forgetful me . Oh yes! They also provide …. the room smells so fresh. We are still on Day 1 of our 4-day stay. Tomorrow will go for the island tour. I am already excited with out banana boat riding, snorkelling, fish feeding and para-sialing. Whew! I can not help but thank God for this opportunity.

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