BHCCCI 24th Anniversary

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This Sunday will be our Church 24th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Celebration. As the Church Administrator, I am busy overseeing the needs of each committee. Today, the logistic department started clearing the area outside the church to make the parking space wider. Thanks to Noel and Atty. Felix for the hands-on supervision. The lighthouses also are busy preparing for the evening’s Blessed Hope Got Talent. The documentation committee are equally busy for the sounds, video and internet live streaming for this momentous event.

We have lots of repair works to do tomorrow and until Saturday. We are looking for Air Duct Cleaning Services to make sure the air conditioning system will be functional during that day since there will be almost 700 brethren and guest. Any local Aircon repair shop you can recommend?

I hope my computer will be fixed tomorrow I have lots of documents to print for the secretariat, ushering dept and for the program. See you this coming Sunday!

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  1. Wow very busy jud diay kaayo imong beauty karun ate… nag leave diay ko ug message sa imo sa FB ate… hope imo to mabasa… Thanks for invite diay ha! See you and God bless!

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