Dementia ?

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Why is it that when you are getting serious with weight loss… there is feasting everywhere? That what happens to me this month. I have attended countless of parties, reunions and functions. Instead of losing pounds… they are being accumulated instead.
Have you heard of Dementia? According to It is the medical term for a group of brain disorders affecting ones memory, language, learning and behavior.

The study was conducted on over 6000 people and suggests that the higher the ratio of belly fat in your mid-40s, the greater the risk of acquiring dementia. They found that a waistline of 39 inches or higher faced more than three times the chance of developing dementia compared to a lean waist line.

Oucchh.. reality bites! So it’s high time to get those running shoes and start jogging around the sports center. I told my hubby about this research and he joked that it’s time to bring back his abs  through going back to the Gym. How about you? What’s your weight loss plan?

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  1. What? I had never thought there was any correlation between belly fat and dementia before. That's another reason to stick to the diet then! 🙂

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