Help! Internet Connection is down !

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For a two weeks now we experienced problem with our internet service. We could no get a satisfactory connection with our new plug-it USB type Smart Bro. Connection is so slow and dragging. We already tried different locations to position our PC and laptop but to our dismay it can only an average of 300 kbps –a speed much lower than a dial-up internet connection can deliver. Ouch! I have missed countless online tasks already due to the “turtle “ like connection.
We already sent a letter and talked to a network staff requesting for a re-connection of our Smart Bro fixed wireless antenna but their office would not allow it since according to them we already signed a 24-months contract with the Plug-it type connection. Yes we agreed to a contract but can’t they understand our side also? Are we oblige to pay the monthly fee without getting the quality service that we deserved? A friend told us that if our appeal will not be acted, she suggested to bring the matter to higher government authority.

Whew! It’s really hard to deal with this network company! If only is available in our country, I would surely get their affordable and reliable dsl service. Why? Because of their excellent reputation, excellent customer friendly policies and exceptional value of their services. They also offer greater customer privacy than any other cheap dial-up internet provider. What more? They offer 30- day No Risk – money back guarantee! How I wish is my internet provider, I probably be one of their satisfied customer.

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