Kagay-an Festival and Halloween

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The streets were filled with banners and streamers , Mall wide sales , Sports, Beauty , Sing and Dance Competitions everywhere, Trade Fairs, Parades … this was the scene this week during the Kagay-an Festival (Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta).

Yesterday, me and my little girl went malling and guess what? For one hour we travelled from our subdivision to Divisoria. The streets were crowded with people and vehicles due to the Golden Float Parade Competition. When we finally arrived to our destination, we can not get through easily at the mall entrance because multitudes of people came rushing to the mall because of some celebrities giving away tokens and promotional products.

Whew! What we did was went inside a resto bar and took some moment away from the crowd. Oh my! It’s still August but the bar staffs started to put up some Halloween Decorations . That made my little girl asked what’s the exact date to celebrate Halloween. Hmmm… Indeed they are so advance . What do you think?

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