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We were trapped! A certain Investment company messed-up our date day. We were at the mall supposedly to unwind ourselves from the very tiring trip in Davao City… but the persistence and the sweet talked of a sales agent took our attention.What he promised to be a 15 minute product orientation turned to be a one-on-one 1 ½ hour discussion! For ethics and professionalism… we listen to the (not so well trained) agent who handled us . I thought it was another of No Exam Life Insurance.. but it turned out to be an investment company. We were offered to invest our money to their “not so well-known” company. We will pay a certain monthly amortization ( via credit card or check) to be paid for 5 years which we will received a bulk amount on the 15th year.

Being gifted in computing numbers and percentage, I found out that their investment scheme is not that profitable compared to the cooperative where we have invested our money. With them, I can have the full amount of the P 250,000.00 at the end of the 15th year while with our cooperative, we can reached that amount in a matter of 8 yrs. It was truly a trap for credit card holders… why? Because as soon as you will sign their documents, a down payment will be immediately charged to your credit. So fellows Kagay-anons.. don’t fall for this marketing strategy!

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