Need Garden Design Ideas

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Remember my post about the house construction I am supervising? Praise God it is now 80 % completed. We are just waiting for the roofing materials to arrive this week. I am hoping the delivery will not be delayed since it’s already rainy season here in our region. The frequent afternoon rain showers really hampered many of the interior works resulting to delay of works based on the pert-cpm schedule I have prepared.
I am very much excited to start the modwrn interioe design works prepared by the Architect.. Looking at the plan reminds me how simple were the architecture decades ago compared to the modern architecture of today. When I was still in college, our drafting and drawing subjects were lot easier to make while today you need to have skills on auto cad and other advance design software to go with the flow of advance technology.Back to the house I am supervising, I am presently planning on what to do with the 2,000 sq.m. vacant area of the property. The owner wanted an outdoor sports area ( basketball and table tennis) on the left portion of the house and a garden near the Lanai. I have search online for garden great designs  but it seems I have a hard time sourcing them from local home depot. Our city’s fiesta is coming and I just wish all the plants and garden materials I have found in would be available at the City Trade Center exhibits. Wish me luck!

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