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My Father always reminds us while we were in college that It is always better to be an employer than an employee. This is the reason why he left his well paying job in Bureau of Internal Revenue as investigator and started his own Law Firm. He added that getting a job after college must be for experience only and that if we truly want to be financially stable we should start our own business . I remembered giving us Business Tips and advises on how to be an entrepreneur someday. Thanks to my Dad, because of his hard work as a businessman he was able to send all 6 of us to college . I have a brother who graduated in medicine course and I know how expensive it was.

I guess I got my father’s passion for business. Since I was a kid, I already engaged myself into some direct selling of candies, cookies and school supplies. Every summer, I have a small stall outside our house and I sell just anything of interest to the kids like chocolates, candies, ice drops and toys. I even have magazine and comics for read and rent…Lol!

Now, I am into buy and sell business. My latest one are products sent by my sister-in-law from the United States like Victoria secrets Cologne, fashion jewelries and watches. I stumbled online a site called Planet Antares , a vending machine information website . Vending machine business is one of the few legitimate businesses that require you to put in very little time and effort.. You are the Boss. You will be the one who decides on which vending machine to buy. You will be the one who decides as to where the vending machine will be placed. You will decide as to what your vending machine will sell. For sure, it’s ine business will almost never go into a loss. I guess I want to try this business because today almost anything can be sold through a vending machine. Soft-drink cans, gum, hot coffee, cold coffee, cigarettes, toiletries and even hot-dogs and pizzas. All I need to have is the money to start the business and a very good location to put-up the machine.

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