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Do you wish to win $450 , earn money and make some friends along the competition? Yes! just launched an SEO Contest 2010 yesterday, August 1, 2010. To motivate you here’s the detail of the prizes :

• 1st – Prize = US$450 (Rank #1)
• 2nd – Prize = US$150 (Rank #2)
• 3rd – Prize = US$100 (Rank #3)
• 4th – Prize = US$50 (Rank #4)
• 5th – Prize = US$50 (Rank #5)

You might ask “ How I was able to stumble this SEO Contest?”. I was browsing for an Adsense-Sharing Article Site when I was redirected to I was immediately glued to the site upon reading it’s motto :

Enriching Community: Sharing Knowledge, Earning Wealth

So what is Evoire? It is a community for like-minded authors and publishers which share their knowledge while earning rewards. At Evoire, it is rewarding to publish, discover and interact with people who share your interests. Evoire authors earn money by publishing pages on topics they know love and know, and get recognition from fellow Evoire community members.

It’s easy…..write and they will split the advertising revenue with you. All revenue split is on an 80/20 basis. Wow! So easy isn’t it? I guess bloggers out there are excited to Join . So what are you waiting for ? Joining Evoire is even easier, it is free and you need only seconds to create an account. So what are you waiting for? Publish you heart out , sign-up and join the contest now!

One thought on “SEO Contest : Win $450

  1. Great contest, isn't it? The total prize is $800, and there is still possibility of higher prize if there is a lot of contestant.

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