Thankful Thursday

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I greatly thank God my preaching last night during our Wednesday Mid-week Fellowship went well – by God’s Grace. Indeed God will work for those who are willing to be used as His mouthpiece… as His herald of the good news!

Knowledge and Wisdom just overflowed as I was preparing the message for one week. When the time came for me to be on the pulpit, His confidence enveloped me and thank God as I was able to convey the message He really want me to share.

To God be the Glory!

5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Praise God Sis! I'm glad that we do have the same path and calling too. I also preach and share the Word when we have our Mid week service. All the Glory must be to the Lord!

  2. Praise God for answered prayer and inspiration. I just love when that happens!

    At our 12 step meeting last night we were discussing that God will answer as often as we ask – but He will never force His will upon us. There was a secret in that message. Never, never stop asking for His will in all things. May He continue to bless you with His wisdom!

    Stop by my post in this week's Thankful Thursday blog hop. I'm hoping to encourage wives as they encourage their husbands. Maybe you know someone in need of a little encouragement today.

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