They are moving to North Carolina!

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Many of our friends now are working in North Carolina. My dear friend Derreck and his family moved to the U.S. in 2004 and he has been working there as a High School Math teacher. My cousin Keith and his family moved to the Big Apple to work as a Math teacher too. In addition, my dear brother Dante and his family, the first to work there in the States is now a regular Nurse supervisor working at one of the prestigious hospital in North Carolina.
Last year, they e-mailed us of their desire to acquire new homes for their place of work. We are very glad for their decision to work in North Carolina since the place is nice and family friendly too. Its location gave it a humid to sub-tropical climate good for work and family activities. One place I am attracted to is Wilmington city. A charming Port city is a popular destination for tourists and visitors alike because of its moderate, four-season climate. The good news is that finding your dream house in that paradise is easy! There are lots of Wilmington, NC homes for sale. I would surely tell my friends to look for these homes and how we wish we could visit them someday.

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