Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest ! (Sticky Post)

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To celebrate my Birthday in the Blogosphere , I am giving away the following prizes as tokens of my gratitude to all my blogger friends and visitors. The contest is open locally and Internationally and commences today on my Birthday ( July 22 ) and ends 43 days after. Why 43? Because It’s my 43rd birthday. Lucky winners will be selected randomly through . A video will be uploaded to validate it’s authenticity .

1st Prize :
$50 Cash thru Paypal

5,000 EC Credits
2 Domains with Webhosting

2nd Prize :
$ 30 Cash thru Paypal

2,000 EC Credits
1 Domain with Webhosting

3rd Prize :
$ 20 Cash thru Paypal

2,ooo EC Credits
1 Domain with Webshosting

4th Prize :
2,000 EC Credits

1 Domain with Webhosting

5th Prize :
1,000 EC Credits

1 Domain with Webhosting

Special Prize for US Bloggers only : 5 pcs Lip gloss Collection

Here’s the mechanics :

1. Blog about the contest with the title “Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest ! “ and place the link of my other blogs in your bloglist : A Walk to Remember, GraciaFashioista, kids turf and A Bucket of Wisdom.
2. Return to this post and leave your comment and URL of your post.
3. Shout the Contest on Facebook.
4. Copy the Prizes , Mechanics and the the list of Sponsors below.

For Cash & EC Credits :

Josie’s Files , What’s Inside Johanna’s Heart , My Life & My Journey Online , CDo Extreme, Just the Tip of an Ice Berg, In Pursuit of Happiness , Mom Write for a Cause , From Asia and Beyond , Sassy Chick’s World , Anna’s Alabama , Mix N’ Match , Embracing my Past, Present and Future , , Cups and Lower Case,, Mix and Match Online , The 3 Chies, , Home Decors & Gift , Fe’s Journey of Life, Made to Worship, Moms Wish list, VivaPinay, Table for Five, Grampys World, Topics on Earth, Moms Up and Downs Gagay, Pinoy MD,Cacai M’s Place, Thoughts Ideas Resources, Cacai’s Steps and Journey,,, Hearts Content, Seasons and Seasoning, Mommy Diary, My Journey to Life., A Journey to Life, Pops Up of my Mind, , Peach and Things ,Yobib’s Tales, A Perfect World, My 3 o’clock Prayer
For 6 Blog Domain and Webshosting : Caffeinated Muse , Pinay SAHM , Crayons and Pencils , Blogger’s Nook, Life’s Digital Moment, Easy Task Online For Beauty products : Me and My Passion,

JUST COPY AND PASTE THE CODE BELOW for the Mechanics and Sponsors :

Ty Nicquee for the codes


107 thoughts on “Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest ! (Sticky Post)

  1. Dear!!! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY — you deserve the best, and indeed God is delighted to bless you!
    I really am not sure how the giveaway works, but here's my effort, and if it helps you have a happy birthday, then that is reward enough for me. Love you, BFF!

  2. wow it's up na pala, kasama ko sa mga sponsors hehehehe, cge send ko links pag nakagawa na ko, mejo busy lng ng konti.

  3. Hi Grace,

    My blog post:

    My FB shoutout:

    I have added your other blogs in my list but blogger cannot detect the feeds for A bucket of Wisdom.

    If I may suggest sis, maybe you can create a code for the sponsors that others may just copy-paste in their entry. Also, I kind of edited the order of the mechanics in my post. 🙂

  4. Grace bongga ang pa premyo mo…sent the money already to your paypal account only today. hehehe..i'll send email later..

    Good Luck

  5. Ay OO nga, added na pala links ko dito. Thanks Grace, will be posting it in my blog and facebook. 🙂 God Bless!

  6. Wow, we share the same birthday! belated happy birthday! 🙂 I'll join your giveaway, I'll have the post up on my blog tomorrow 🙂 Goodluck with the contest!

  7. hi Grace, i'm new here..was about to ask for a link exchange when I've read about this wonderful opportunity you have for your fellow bloggers.

    More blessings to you and good luck to your contest!

  8. Hi Grace! Happy birthday (belated). Better late than never. Hihi. Anyway, pls. count me in. 🙂

    1.) Blogged about your contest (complete with list of prizes, mechanics & sponsors):

    2.) Linked your 4 blogs / sites:

    3.) Posted at Facebook:

    More power and God bless! 🙂

  9. Wow! another contest to be joined…

    I will join it later. I will post the link,, balik ra ko.heheh Nice idea sis, 43 days because your 43 yrs young. Hindi halata ha. Gwapa ghapon.

    btw, sis, pwede tka ma invite as one of the sponsors?

    Happy Birthday sis!!!

  10. Hello Te Grace, yay nakapasok pa ko.. woohoo! Here's my entry:

    1.) I blogB about the contest with the title "Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest ! and here's the URL:

    2.) I place your other three (3) blog links as stated. Check out my BlogRoll or Blog List, here:

    3.) Shouted the Contest on Facebook. Check it out here:!/CacaiM?v=wall&story_fbid=126489150733521&ref=mf

    4. I copied the Prizes , Mechanics and the the list of Sponsors as you told. Check it out..

    And lastly, I hope I will win this time. 😉

  11. I hope I'm not to late para makasali! (wish ko ako ang manalo!)

    I shouted this event on my FB here:

    and even twitted it here:

    Blogged about it here: Amazing Grace Amazing Contest!

    Happy, Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true!

    hugs and blessings, Fickle

    Check my blogroll at Fickleinpink's Alter Ego

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