Trip to Davao Postponed

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Supposedly we are already in Davao today for a very important transaction regarding our housing unit but due to very important appointment of my hubby our trip was canceled. Initially, my hubby agreed that I will go alone but later this morning he changed his mind. I have already brought important documents this morning like our house plans designs , Special Power of Attorney and affidavits . Our plane ticket was already purchased 2 months ago but my hubby can not let me go alone . His speaking engagement is much more important than our trip so he just postponed it next week. Thank God ,I was not able to book and pay for our hotel. Anyway,no regrets since the air fare I purchased was availed through the airline promo sale.

I hope and pray our transaction next week will be finished as early as possible so that I can a day of roaming around the tourist spots in Davao. Any suggestion where to go?

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