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I have blogged last month regarding the opportunity speaking to the young professionals of our church about blogging and online jobs . Although the session was attended by only 20+ individuals, I didn’t expect that 80 % of them were able to create their own blog sites in a week time. My three blog sites were flooded with comments and shout box messages inquiring on the basic of blogging like how to join “memes”, increase traffic, join network blogs, create badges , …etc…etc. To answer all their question, I posted “ Blogging 101”.

It’s fulfilling to know that they are learning so fast with the “ hows” , “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in the blogosphere. One even create her own Go Green Friday Meme which is now gaining popularity among bloggers. Another one was invited to write a guest post about gadgets. Now, all of them are requesting me to post about webhosting guide since they are very much excited to have their sites self-hosted. Wow! They really are serious! To make the task easier, I referred them to webhosting.com ,the world’s largest independent web hosting directory featuring in-depth information on all major web hosting providers accompanied by unedited reviews and rating by real customers.

Good luck to all of you!

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