Domain Name from Go Daddy

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I bought a domain name for this site last year from Go Daddy but I have a hard time installing it here . I tried searching online for the step by step process and asked help from other bloggers but all their instructions led nowhere. So what I did was to park that domain name .

Today, I received an email from Go Daddy reminding me that the one year contract will expire soon.They have offered 50% If I will renew my account. Can anyone tell me how to use my Domain Name at Go Daddy here in blogger? If I can successfully redirect my site… then I will take their offer. Leave a Comment please.

Happy Birthday Google from Amazing Grace

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I saw the logo of Google as I opened my account today. I realized it’s Mr. Google’s Birthday Today! Wow! After 12 years of internet search engine dominance, Google celebrates its 12th birthday! Google is a California – based company which became a corporation on September 27 1998. He is now the KING OF INTERNET making the everyday online lives of millions of people worldwide as lot easier. Yes! Mr Google will be here to stay for as long as t he internet lives.


Have a Dinner Date on September 27 – Family Day

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In previous post, I asked why Family Day is celebrated on a Monday instead of a Sunday. So here’s a short background :

Eating dinner frequently with your children reduces their risk of substance abuse?

Family Day was created by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University in 2001. This Monday will be it’s 10th year anniversary.Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children is a national movement that reminds parents about the importance of parental engagement in their children’s lives and encourages parents to have frequent family dinners with their kids as an effective way to prevent their kids from abusing substances.Family Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Monday in September.

So, schedule a dinner date with your kids on September 27, 2010!

Visit for more information.

No Blogging on Saturdays

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Blogging on Saturday evening is a big “NO” to me and my hubby . It’s a night spent for preparing everything for Sunday Worship Service like ironing the clothes we will wear and printing necessary Sunday School lessons. We have to sleep early so that we can wake-up early fresh and ready for the Celebration Sunday.

Tonight is different because our Subdivision is having a Disco Party at the Basketball Court just 15 meters from our house. The sound system is so loud that we can not sleep even if we turned our MP3 player on. Whew! I have no choice but to be productive by…… updating my blog sites! Lol!