Architectural Finishes

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Remember my post about the construction of a two-storey residential building I am supervising? It’s already 6 months in the making but it is still not completed. On going works are finishing of masonry, electrical wiring and plumbing works. The house is big that it already incurred an estimated amount of P 2.5 Million. Imagine with that amount it is still not completed.

Two weeks ago, I talked with the owner and we discussed about the architectural finished like the window glass, the metal works of the gate and fence , the exterior bricks and of course the bathroom vanities. We flipped through the pages of a home furnishing magazine and we were not able to find the owner’s desired bathroom fixtures. Today, I found a site that supplies all kinds of home and office furniture from rustic to western furniture. I hope the owner will be able to decide with-in this week all details concerning the architectural finishes.

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