Body Kits for your Truck

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I’ve already written an article about how we desired to buy a brand new pick-up truck. It is part of our long term plan of having a farm to tend to and being able to have a sustainable business someday. Yes, we always dreamed of that, me and my hubby and the kids too.

When we decided visit a car display center, we spent a lot of time asking the sales person and the manager of the availability of truck accessories of the brand we’re planning to buy. And of course, how can we forget the body kits? Not only should our pick-up truck look nice but we want to add a new dimension to its design. We are planning to get these extra add-ons for beauty and functionality too. Body kits will bring out every details of our pick-up truck and give that unique appearance.

We are considering buying custom grills, dash kits, floor mats, chrome accessories, wind deflectors, running boards and guard grills. And for its machine, we want it to hum with efficiency and energy, and by that we will buy the best air intake and exhaust system for that extra “ummpph” to our ride. My hubby likes to take care of our old but reliable car. It has served us well because he’s focused in looking for the regular maintenance of it. But you still can feel the good performance of our ride though it’s been 10 years since it was bought. And that’s what we are going to do with our brand new pick-up truck too. We want to Maintain it in the best running condition and also its outside look too. We want it to go a long, long way of service.

Wow, that would surely give us additional time in planning and saving for our dream pick-up truck. But it’s worth all the money we will spend.


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