Business Cards for Cell Church Mission Nerwork

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Hubby and I are planning to attend the Cell Church Mission Network Global Summit this coming November 6 -15,2010 at Taipe , Taiwan. This is a yearly event where key leaders and networkers from every continent gather to build relationships, pray and connect with others of like mind and vision. The key factor in the success of this networking to date is expressed in the motto, “No control; no glory!” No one tries to control anyone else… and everything is done so that God alone receives glory. Anything done together does not belong to any one group or person, but to God!

As early as now we are preparing everything for the momentous event. I am a looking for cheap business card… since we will be reproducing not only our own but also for our church foundation and youth organization . The last time my hubby attended the summit, he was somewhat unprepared in terms of show casing the programs and activities of our church. I hope the latest hostage crisis in the Philippine which ended the lives of 8 Chinese will not hinder the Embassy in issuing a Travel Visa for us.

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