Round 2 : Electronic Recycling Site

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Every first Saturday of the month is Recycling Day at one of the biggest mall in the city. They dubbed the program as “ Cash in Trash”. I have been wanting to participate in this program but because Saturday is the busiest day of the week for us ( morning for household choirs and afternoon for church practices).. I can not do it.

The said mall buys anything you consider trash at home or in the office like papers, plastics, clothes, bottles, tin cans, toys, bags, book and even gadgets. This is great way to unload from things that are crowding our house.

Don’t you know that there is a site online called Round2 ? The delivers innovative Ecycling solutions in an environmentally responsible manner. Their mission continues to focus on delivering the most comprehensive and competent solutions for handling extreme volumes of electronic scrap for our Fortune 1000 clients dispose of computer? Let them so it for you.

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