Consolation Prize – US Bloggers only

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I have a hard time identifying US bloggers among the 123 entries of my Amazing Birthday Contest. So what I did was to randomize it and the first US blogger on the list will come up as winner. You know what? The First Prize Winner of my contest got the Consolation Prize also. Wow! Cacai’s really lucky … What’s your magic girl? I’ll contact Dhemcy for the prize..

Congrats again!

4 thoughts on “Consolation Prize – US Bloggers only

  1. Wow.. am so lucky! So much blessed with my first winning of contest online.. thanks a bunch Te Grace of your Amazing Grace Amazing Contest and to all sponsors.. woohoo! As in.. am so thankful! Now I know am unlucky no more.. thanks a bunch! I can't still believe it! wooohoo!

  2. Congratulations to the winners most especially to my best buddy rebecca…Whoooooo….finally she won the contest…Tandadannggg..

  3. ate grace, human na ang contest waaa… can you send me email, sponsor baya akong 3 ka blogs. can you please send me the details. tnx

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