Dump your Dial-up and get Internet Satellite!

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Are you waiting for a DSL Internet Service Provider with $0 Downpayment and Free Installation? Good News! wild blue high speed internet offers it. They are new ISP in the USA which offers an affordable, fast and available anywhere. They offer much higher speeds than dial up. Wild Blue internet access will surf up to 30 times faster than dial up. Satellite broadband connection will allow you to download music, video, and pictures at incredible speed. If you are in the 48 continental United States and have a clear view of the southern sky, you can receive WildBlue satellite broadband.What more? It has a smaller dish Unlike the big bulky dish the other satellite internet providers are installing. Easy to use just simply plug your computer into the Ethernet port on the back of the satellite internet modem, which connects to the satellite dish.

What are you waiting for? Dump your slow dial-up and get Internet Satellite!

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