A good write-up on Ozone Layer Destruction!

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Here we go again. It’s my son’s monthly examination and part of their requirements is to write a thesis on “Environment and the effects of Ozone layer destruction”. You could just imagine our faces and the panic having to help our kid cope up with those subject prerequisites at school. We have to double time our effort and sacrifice to bring about an up-to-date, accurate, genuine and not copied write-up for him. My hubby would oftentimes spend hours up to the wee hours in the morning searching and researching for ideas to come up with our son’s thesis. How I wish we just could hire somebody to be our researcher or writer so we could at least have time for rest especially on days that we are so busy from our works too. My son would complain of overlapping assignments that we would feel the pressure on him as he tries his very best to maintain his grades and of course his scholarship. But we assured him that we will do everything we can to help.
Finding the data for his assignment can sometimes be frustrating. Grown ups like us can be confused. Even if my hubby would look at some thesis samples, still at times he would be frustrated and overwhelmed at the thought of doubting his write up. Sounds ridiculous but yes, it happened to us many times. To come up with the correct ideas and the best thesis topic would bring to mind once again our desire to hire a professional writer to do the job. Struggling for the idea to create an equal if not a better thesis for our kid is what we want. We want to erase the insecurities and frustrations we have in coming up with a good write up for his assignments. Wheeww!

Yes, how I wish we have one here in our place. But again unfortunately if there’s a service for that here, it would cost us a lot just for one simple thesis for my son. We just keep our spirits high and help our kid with his work at school. We don’t want him to be discouraged and think that we could not help him in his studies. So what we do is try our very best and come up with the best we can for our son’s assignment and wish him all the best in his schooling.

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