Have a Dinner Date on September 27 – Family Day

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In previous post, I asked why Family Day is celebrated on a Monday instead of a Sunday. So here’s a short background :

Eating dinner frequently with your children reduces their risk of substance abuse?

Family Day was created by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University in 2001. This Monday will be it’s 10th year anniversary.Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children is a national movement that reminds parents about the importance of parental engagement in their children’s lives and encourages parents to have frequent family dinners with their kids as an effective way to prevent their kids from abusing substances.Family Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Monday in September.

So, schedule a dinner date with your kids on September 27, 2010!

Visit www.CASAFamilyDay.org. for more information.

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