I am in CUMC Suite Room!

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In the middle of a very busy day ( we are preparing for our 24th Church Anniversary Celebration) my mom’s housemaid called us up and requested us to rush at the emergency room of Capitol University Medical Hospital. My mom’s potassium count crashed down again! She can not move her body and was half conscious when we arrived. Thanks to the immediate response of the resident doctors my mom is now in stable condition.

As I am writing this post, I am here at her Suite Room .CUMC is the most modern hospital in the city that is why people flocked here. Standard and De Luxe rooms were fully occupied thus we were compelled to get this expensive room complete with two Bedroom Sets , receiving, dining and kitchen. Ahhh… with this kind of room, it doesn’t feel like you are in a hospital. It is even bigger than a Condo Unit . Hubby and I will be sleeping over here. Please pray for the earlier recovery of my mom.

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