Looking forward to our Family Date Day

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I was so busy last week preparing for our Church Anniversary and my mother-in-law’s hospitalization . Today and tomorrow is Cagayan de Oro Minister’s Association Anniversary and once again I will be busy . Last night we came home midnight already preparing things for our booth. Thanks to the people whose have the heart of giving themselves for the ministry. God saw your heart and rest assured your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

My hubby and I planned to have a special date day with the kids as soon as all the activities are over. We thought of going out of town on week-end and just bond together at the nearby beach resort. If the weather will not cooperate ( it’s always raining nowadays here), we will just stay home and watch online TV. What is important is that we can relaxed, unwind and have quality time together.Thanks to Spreety.com.. we can have Free TV Online at home!

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